Food and cuisine is extremely important in the Samoan culture. Almost any festivity or celebration is centered around the food. They use an Umu to cook a lot of their meals. It is a traditional way to prepare food and is like the Samoan version of a barbar-que. It is an above the ground stone oven that is heating by lava rocks which are scolding hot. When cooking the food it can be put directly onto the rocks are wrapped up in banana leaves. They are mostly used during ceremonies or celebrations. It is tradition to eat without the use of utensils. Samoans prefer to eat with their hands.

All the food eaten by the Samoans was grown and raised by them, and to do this day the majority of their food is locally grown. From all their meats like chicken, pork, and fish to their fruits and vegetables like coconuts, bananas, and onions. Samoans are smart in that both banana and coconut plants will produce their fruit for many, many years. This means the plants require little work except for the harvesting. The men will usually take care of the harvesting and watching over the livestock while the women will occasionally weed and feed the animals.

Like any other culture, Samoan’s have traditional food. They are famously known for their Lu’au or Palusami. You take some taro, coconut cream, and onions and wrap them up in whole taro leaves. These are then placed on the umu and once it is cooked you open the taro leaves and eat the contents. Oka is a raw fish dish that consists of small pieces of fish that have marinated in a concoction of lemon juice, coconut cream, salt and onions. One strange delicacy that can be found in Samoa is Sea. It is the innards of a sea slug that is sold in soda-like bottles. One Samoan dessert is called Fausi. It is taro that is finely grated and served with caramelized coconut cream sauce.

Here is a video to show you some of the exotic foods of Samoa.

(Begin at 3:20)


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